Monday, January 17, 2011

Just got Engaged!

Stephanie Wamsley and I are getting hitched. Its finally official. Other than that wakeskating going better than ever. Riding with Byerly a bunch now he's on my end of town. Gatorboards new wood skate in the works, no release date yet but its a sick design.


2011 is here. Still riding everyday. I started school and working full time. Hopefully this cold will stop. Waters freezing.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whats up dudes! Just got back from the 3rd stop of the Toe Jam in Canadia. Had a awesome time and ended up riding pretty descent. I qualified this time to ride all weekend, but didnt make it to much farther than the 1st round in the boat and rail park contest. I keep drawing the wrong people to ride against in the 1st round. Reed Hanson for rails, he got second place. Then picked Nick Taylor for the boat, and he ended up getting second place. So from now on I am gonna have someone else pick my names from the hat. Hopefully there will be a wild card position for me going into the Toe Jam finals in O-town. Anyways, just back home and working my a$$ off. I am most def in new trick mode so let yall know how it goes. Holla

Monday, June 30, 2008

Whats Up its July

I just got back from Texas and stop two of the Toe Jam. Had a pretty good time. I didnt make it to far in the contest, but I rode good. I just keep picking the wrong heats. I did manage to get some good footage of everyone riding. And I am making a video for with all that footage , so check that out. I also built a 24 foot, super sick portable incline rail at my house. I made it with feet, so we can move it deeper or shallower water, and also hit it toe side or heel side. Its perfect for the butler chain, since rails are forbidden. Here is a new picture of some nite skating. Holla at ya soon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

June !st

Whats up! I had a crazy month of may. I had to move all my stuff to a new place to live. No more A frame on Lake Sheen. Now i live in 5 bedroom house on Lake Sheen. We have 3 different Nautiques and a jet ski to choose from, and my buddy Mike M. is gonna buy a Hive winch. SO I am totally stoked on the new crib. I will post some pics of the place when I get some. As far as riding, I am riding better than ever, and having so much fun. I am not gonna worry about doing all the contests this year,( being that I cant afford to get there anyway) But I wanna concentrate more on learning new tricks. Toe Jam at TSR is in a couple weeks, cant wait to tear it up. HOLLA

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I went to the Metro West gap today, and busted a Frontside Flip clean 5th try down the drop. So stoked, I had landed kinda before but dragged it out. This one was clean, and here is a picture of it. No video though, but I have Brooke Geery to vouch for me she eye witnessed it.

Front Nose blunt